At Black Market Dance and Film we specialize in preternatural cinematic aesthetics for dance, makeup, and fashion. In addition to live installation and shows, Black Market Dance and Film is available for bookings in narrative film, live events, and corporate shoots as well. We provide a comprehensive knowledge when it comes to filmmaking, with an aim to showcase your magic.  

We also function as a dance company with some of the best in-house choreographers and dancers in the midwest. Our 3 DPs/producers, collective of professional dancers, and makeup artist Reed Espie can be hired to design, perform at, or film live or programmed events. Feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to collaborate with you. 



Moving forward we will be offering dance and DP workshops for students and community members. If you've ever wanted to flow with trained dancers or be on set with local filmmakers to brush up your skills or learn a new one, check out our upcoming workshops.